The family you didn’t ask for

Design Team 2010

In 2010, Craig Cockerill, Scott Deca, Kaitlin Dupon, and Anne Sutton redesigned the existing graphic design online experience. They redesigned the function and aesthetic of the gallery to better feature students' work, added new content to give perspective students an idea of the program's personality, and organized the site's navigation and hierarchy. Alison Popp and Nicolas Mata served as design and development support.

  • Scott Deca
  • Kate Dupon
  • Craig Cockerill
  • Anne Sutton
  • The 2009 class evaluated and identified new areas to enhance the experience, including a more dynamic, database-driven website. They focused on specialized, lively content geared toward each year in the program. Alison Popp and Workroom Design served as design and development support.

    Design Team 2009
  • Jon Bergmann
  • Ryan Cardneau
  • Nick Conflitti
  • Trevor Dobias
  • Jacque Edwards
  • Andrea Jarvie
  • Steve McMahon
  • Josh Moon
  • Leslie Parks
  • Alissa Rader
  • Troy Rojewski
  • Jenessa Smith
  • Nicole Steffen
  • Rebecca Stream
  • Richard Swenor
  • Iam Williamson
  • Design Team 2008

    In 2008, the Interactive Design Studio class researched, planned, and developed a completely new online experience to represent the program. This award-winning website established new connections to social media, featured a gallery, and even new ideas for future growth.

  • John Binagatan
  • Jamie Brodbeck
  • Stacey Daschner
  • Ryan Ganss
  • Mark Gerlach
  • David Kehrer
  • Ashley Kratzer
  • Sarah Lacey
  • Katrina Larsen
  • Sarah Lockwood
  • Ryan Payne
  • Allison Platt
  • Rachel Schepers
  • Jessie Schwartz
  • Al Seymour
  • Megan Tower