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faculty: alison popp

Alison came to us from People Design (formerly BBK Studio) where she designed brand identities, online experiences and brochures for companies like Herman Miller, Spartan Stores, and Ogilvy Mather/Ford Motor Company. Her work has earned her recognition (over 70 times!) by different industry publications. These big time books include Communication Arts, How Magazine, Graphis, Print Magazine, Step, and more.

Alison teaches many different graphic design classes since she started at Ferris State in 2005. She developed the course content for all of the interactive design classes.

This is what we say...

“Big Poppa is a dedicated teacher, to say the least, and it’s obvious she has a love affair with interactive media.”

“She wants to teach us everything that is out there in the design world, and she pushes us to expand our horizons as far as they’ll go.”


“She’s like a prodigy in web design. Her motivation to acquire new knowledge in every aspect of the web is intimidating... Alright; it’s down right horrifying. However, it’s all very beneficial.”

“She makes me chuckle a little bit when she gets too excited.”


“Alison shares her excitement about web design with everyone she comes into contact with.”

“Alison eats, sleeps, and breathes design. [She] knows how to motivate us to turn a complex idea into a functional design piece.”