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faculty: mike hu

While many Ferris State faculty have roots digging into the college, Mike Hu’s aren’t even close to Michigan. Or the United States. Mike was born and raised in China before coming to the States a few years ago. He then went to the Savannah College of Art and Design to get his design degree.

Mike is new to the Ferris State faculty since 2007 and teaches classes like Communication Design and Computer Graphics, teaching the stuff he learned in college and in his ten years in the field.

This is what we say...

“Mike gave me a real world look at how communicating with others can be difficult and rewarding at the same time. Mike also gave me perspective on how design has the ability to go beyond language barriers, and communicate with people you may never have thought you could.”


“His perspective on projects is yet another helpful resource. We have fun projects and great suggestions. And I haven’t had him enough to poke fun yet.”


“With a completely unbiased way of thinking, Mike offers a different approach to the teaching and critiquing of design.”